Operational Plan


NICNAS is a high performing organisation delivering quality regulation and services and products to our stakeholders.


Our Operational Plan is available for download. This contains our performance framework, indicators and outcomes:

Strategic Plan


As the Australian Government regulator for industrial chemicals, NICNAS strives to be the credible national authority that leads the scientific assessment and management of risks to people and the environment associated with the use of industrial chemicals.
The outcome we strive for is improved occupational health, public health and environment outcomes as a result of the national availability of risk assessment information to support the safe use of industrial chemicals.


We are committed to being a high performing organisation, providing high quality assessments, recommendations and related outputs, consulting with all our stakeholders and continuously seeking better ways of working to achieve more efficient and effective delivery of regulation.


To achieve these aims we:

  • Value achievement, cooperation, excellence and innovation and apply these to all activities to ensure quality outputs in a timely and cost-effective manner;

  • Seek to enhance the quality and provision of, and access to, our chemical safety information;

  • Strive to increase the usefulness of our assessment products and risk management recommendations to all our stakeholders;

  • Promote a regulatory approach commensurate with the risks posed;

  • Promote streamlining and harmonisation (national and international) and other reform activities; and

  • Promote the value of compliance to our clients and stakeholders.

Our strategies focus on effective customer service, timeliness, competence, integrity and professionalism.

Our outputs

Effective and efficient regulation through:

  • Pre-introduction assessment of new industrial chemicals and review of priority existing chemicals (including for health and environmental risk); and

  • The provision of high quality and timely information.

Our outcome indicator is the promotion of the safe and sustainable use of industrial chemicals. Measures of this are detailed in the Portfolio Budget Statement and the annual NICNAS Business Plan.


Regulatory Plan


NICNAS, like other Australian Government agencies which have responsibility for business regulation, is required to publish a regulatory plan on its web site early in each financial year.