National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme

Proposal for Regulatory Reform of Industrial Nanomaterials


Have Your Say Questionnaire

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  What is the significance and/or consequence of this working definition for ‘industrial nanomaterials’?  
  How do you think the proposal to limit access to exemptions for nano-forms of new chemicals will contribute to protecting health and the environment?  
  Describe any ways in which you think self-assessment by an independent third party could be used to effectively achieve the same results?  
  If in R&D, what, if any, practical issues arise from the proposed administrative amendment for annual reporting of R&D exemptions? Would it require a significant increase in reporting?
If so – how much?
  What are your views on the impact of the proposal to regulate nano-forms of new chemicals with the above changes to the permit and certificate categories? Can you identify additional advantages or disadvantages?  
  What are your views on a system that is sufficiently flexible to amend permit conditions where new data indicates a new risk profile?  
  What are your views on the impact of the proposal for mandatory once-off, use specific reporting for nano-forms of ‘existing chemicals’? Can you identify additional advantages or disadvantages?  
8.   Explain how you think the potential burden of once-off, use specific reporting could or could not balance community expectations in relation to health and environmental standards?  
9.   What are your views on making the information gathered through streams 1A and 1B publicly available?  
10.   What are the advantages and disadvantages of the introduction of a system that required a mandatory notification and assessment program for all nano-forms of existing chemicals? What are the reasons for this answer?  
11.   What are current issues that affect the feasibility of such a program?  
12.   What are your views on making the information gathered from assessments of nano-forms of existing chemicals publicly available?  
13.   How might an integrated approach provide for more effective regulation of industrial nanomaterials compared to the package of options proposed in sections 3a and 3b?  
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    If 'Business', how many employees?  
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