Cost Recovery Impact Statement – Discussion Paper

This consultation opened on 23 June 2010 and closed on 4 August 2010


As a cost recovered agency NICNAS is conducting a review of its cost recovery arrangements in accordance with the government’s Cost Recovery Guidelines. The purpose of the Cost Recovery Impact Statement (CRIS) is to transparently demonstrate compliance with the Australian Government Cost Recovery Guidelines.

Purpose of this consultation

The purpose of this discussion document was to present information for stakeholder consideration and to invite feedback on issues to be included in the NICNAS CRIS. Feedback received is being duly considered in the development of the CRIS.

The objectives of the consultation were to:

  • identify and understand any issues with the current cost recovery framework;
  • obtain a clear understanding of how NICNAS activities have changed since the last CRIS in 2004-05;
  • prioritise the major issues of stakeholder concern regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of NICNAS operations; and
  • explore mechanisms to cost recover the accelerated assessment of existing chemicals.
Consultation documents

Public submissions

Submissions received during the consultation process are published below, unless they were marked confidential. For submissions made by individuals, all personal details were removed from the submission before publication.

CRIS Review written submissions:

AMWAY of Australia
Haztech Environmental
Merck Pty Ltd
Unilever Australia
Bubbles & Stuff
KID-U-NOT Natural Soap
Wacker Chemicals Australia Pty Ltd
Fenix Hydormet Australasia Pty Ltd
Tri-Tech Chemical
Arkema Pty Ltd
Community Engagement Forum - established to provide advice to NICNAS on worker health & safety, public health & the environment sectors 
The Aromatic Outback - The submission represents the views of over 16 businesses
Galvin Hardware Pty Ltd
DuPont (Australia) Ltd
PACIArepresenting the chemicals and plastics industry
ACCORD Australasia Ltd representing the manufacturers and marketers of formulated consumer, cosmetic, hygiene and specialty products.
Victorian Trades Hall Councilan umbrella organisation representing a number of affiliate union organisations .
Australian Paint Manufacturers’ Federation Inc. (APMF) – representing the manufacturers of local surface coatings (paint & ink).

Other submission

NICNAS CRIS Stakeholder Online Survey

NICNAS invited public input via an online survey. The online survey did not include the same questions included in the discussion paper, but it did cover the same major issues.  Feedback received from this survey is being duly considered in the development of the CRIS. Summary of the online survey can be viewed here.

NICNAS received a large number of responses to each question.

Survey Question No. of Responses
1. Registration cycle 1069
1. Registration length 1069
2. Effective registration options 974
2. Principles in fee setting 969
3. Services included in registration fee 925
4.  Comments or suggestions restructure scope, other services NICNAS could provide 80

Other documents


For more information please contact Kate Liddell on (02) 8577 8894 or Michele Jenkins on (02) 8577 8803 or email CRIS@nicnas.gov.au