Cost Recovery Impact Statement – Discussion Paper


As a cost recovered agency NICNAS is conducting a review of its cost recovery arrangements in accordance with the government’s Cost Recovery Guidelines. The purpose of the Cost Recovery Impact Statement (CRIS) is to transparently demonstrate compliance with the Australian Government Cost Recovery Guidelines.

Purpose of this consultation

The purpose of this discussion document is to present information for stakeholder consideration and to invite feedback on issues to be included in the NICNAS CRIS. Feedback received will be duly considered in the development of the CRIS.

The objectives of this consultation are to:

  • identify and understand any issues with the current cost recovery framework;
  • obtain a clear understanding of how NICNAS activities have changed since the last CRIS in 2004-05;
  • prioritise the major issues of stakeholder concern regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of NICNAS operations; and
  • explore mechanisms to cost recover the accelerated assessment of existing chemicals.

Consultation documents

Proposed consultation

Stakeholder workshops will occur as follows:

  • Melbourne – Friday 16 July, 9 am-12 pm
  • Sydney – Monday 19 July, 9 am – 12 pm

Meetings in other states and territories will be determined by demand. Please complete the Expression of Interest form or email cris@nicnas.gov.au to register your interest in attending these meetings. Final details, including venues, will be determined based on expected attendance and will be communicated at least one week before the respective meeting.

Making a submission

A series of questions is posted throughout the document, and collated in Attachment A. Your answers to these questions and any other feedback on issues to be reviewed in the CRIS are appreciated.

Submissions should include the name of your organisation (or your name if the submission is made as an individual), contact details for the submission (including email address where available), and an indication of the stakeholder sector of which you or your organisation are a part or represent. A submission form is provided for your convenience.

Submission should be delivered to NICNAS by 5pm on the closing date, Wednesday 4 August 2010. Please submit your feedback to:
Email: CRIS@nicnas.gov.au
Mail:    CRIS
            GPO Box 58
            Sydney NSW 2001
Fax:     02 8577 8888

All submissions will be published in full on the NICNAS web site. For submissions made by individuals, all personal details will be removed where possible from your submission before it is published.

Confidential material contained within submissions should be clearly marked. Reasons for a claim to confidentiality must be included. Where possible confidential material will be removed from material published on NICNAS’s website.

Online survey

It is anticipated that interested parties will also be able to submit feedback via an online survey expected to be released mid July 2010. Please note that being an online survey it will not include the same questions included in the discussion paper, but it will cover the same major issues.

Participation in this consultation is entirely voluntary, and we thank you for your time and effort.

Further information

If you would like further information please contact Dr Kate Liddell on 02 8577 8894 or email: CRIS@nicnas.gov.au.