How to Search AICS


Non-confidential Section

There are two ways to search the non-confidential section of AICS:

You can conduct your own search using AICS online.

Guidance notes are available at the AICS search page. If you require assistance in using AICS online database, please contact Curtis Crasto, AICS Manager, NICNAS on (02) 8577 8839.

You can ask NICNAS to conduct a search by completing the search form ( WORD 109K) ( PDF 173K) and returning it to NICNAS.

A service charge applies to requests for NICNAS to search the non-confidential section of AICS. The service charge will not apply to the public or government agencies, however, a signed declaration will be required from the requestor for this exemption.

Any number of chemicals can be listed on the one form. The service charge will include an administrative cost of AUD 30.00 per form and AUD 35.00 for each individual chemical listed on the form. Please note these charges are GST exclusive. GST is to be added to the total payment.


Confidential Section

The confidential section of AICS is not available for public inspection. To determine if a chemical is in the confidential section, the applicant must ask the Director of NICNAS in writing, and include a written declaration that there is a bona fide intention to introduce the chemical in Australia and complete the Confidential search form ( WORD 109K) ( PDF 108Kb). Results of a negative non-confidential search must be submitted with the search form.


Adding Chemicals in AICS

All certificate assessed chemicals are included in AICS five years after the certificate date. At the end of five years the company, which is the holder of the certificate, is given the opportunity to request that the chemical be listed on the confidential section.


Confidential listing in AICS

In order to list a chemical in the confidential section of AICS, an application to the Director of NICNAS, on the is required. If the application is approved, the chemical is listed for five years. At the end of five years, the company can apply to re-list the chemical for another five years.

The application to list/re-list a chemical is required on the approved form ( WORD 197K) ( PDF 239K)

Guidelines for "Establishing a Case for Confidential Listing of Chemicals on the Australian Inventory of Chemical Substances" have been developed to assist with these applications. These can be downloaded here. Download the guidelines ( PDF 255Kb).


Non-confidential listing in AICS

Chemicals for which no confidential applications are received or where the Director does not agree to confidential listing, are listed on the non-confidential AICS through gazetting in the Chemical Gazette.