4. Registration of Chemical Introducers

Registration of chemical introducers applies to those who import and/or manufacture relevant industrial chemicals at any value in a registration year for commercial purposes.


Compliance Criteria

Evidence is required that the introducer holds relevant commercial documents to show the total value of relevant industrial chemicals* and where applicable a NICNAS Registration certificate. If the chemicals are not considered relevant industrial chemicals, the introducer should provide supporting statements.

  • Registration year* starts from 1 Sept to 31 Aug the following year

  • Renewals are due by 31 August before the start of the next registration year

  • For Tier 2 registrants, the final statement of introduction is due by 31 October for the past registration year. See 'Your simple guide to the NICNAS Registration cycle


Are the chemicals introduced relevant industrial chemicals?

Supporting statements specifying whether the introduced chemicals are considered relevant industrial chemicals, and if not, evidence is required that the chemicals do not fit the description eg excluded use, naturally occurring See NICNAS fact sheet 'Which chemicals are within the scope of NICNAS Registration'
( PDF 165Kb)

A current registration certificate in force in relation to the registration year at the time of introduction


What is the total value of introduced relevant industrial chemicals?

Relevant commercial documents relating to industrial chemicals are kept for at least 5 years after the end of the registration year such as commercial invoices, order/confirmation, bill of lading / airway bill, insurance certificate

Receipt for purchase of goods, and other records provided to Customs

If the chemical is manufactured, then the factory cost is calculated. (i.e. Cost of labour + cost of materials + factory overhead expenses)q For imports it is the Customs Value + Customs duty + insurance and freight


Renewal of registration

Have you checked the last financial year introductions?

What is the plan for the next registration year?

Exceeded $500,000 total value of relevant industrial chemicals last financial year then renew at Tier 2/3 if intending to import next year

Did not exceed $500,000 total value of relevant industrial chemicals last financial year then register at Tier 2/3 if planning to exceed $500,000 next year or Tier 1 if estimated value is below $500,000

Renewals due by 31 August before the start of the next registration year (Form NR-1A.)

Not required to renew if not planning to introduce


Final Statement of Introduction

For Tier 2 registrants, final statement submitted by 31 October indicating the total value of relevant industrial chemicals actually imported and/or introduced over the past registration year

* See Definitions


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