Compliance Definitions


Act of importing and/or manufacturing industrial chemicals


Person(s) who import and/or manufacture industrial chemicals

Incidentally produced chemical

A chemical that is produced as a result of: a. the exposure of another chemical to light, heat or other environmental conditions in the course of handling or storage; or b. the occurrence of a chemical reaction during the manufacture or use of another chemical, but not a chemical whose production has commercial value for a person manufacturing, handling, storing or using that other chemical.

Reaction intermediate

A substance that:

  1. is produced in the course of a chemical reaction; and

  2. has a transient existence; and

  3. does not become a major component of the reaction mixture; and

  4. is not removed from the reaction system

Site Limited Chemical

A chemical which is confined to its site of manufacture solely for the purposes of further manufacture.

Non hazardous chemical

A chemical in respect of which the following conditions are met:

  1. the chemical is not a hazardous chemical

  2. the chemical is not a dangerous good

  3. the prescribed criteria relating to the environmental effect of the chemical have been met

  4. any other prescribed conditions have been met

  5. the introduction of the chemical is consistent with the reasonable protection of occupational health and safety, public health and the environment.

Commercial Evaluation

Commercial evaluation means testing the chemical with a viewing to ascertaining its potential for commercial application prior to commercial release

The Act

Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989


Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Regulation 1990

Priority Existing Chemical

A Priority Existing Chemical (PEC) is an industrial chemical which has been selected for assessment because there are reasonable grounds to believe that the manufacture, handling, storage, use or disposal of the chemical gives rise, or may give rise, to a risk of adverse health and/or environmental effects

Registration year

1 Sept to 31 Aug the following year

Relevant industrial Chemical

Relevant industrial chemical means an industrial chemical that is NOT intended solely for excluded use, a naturally occurring chemical, biological material, an incidentally produced chemical, a reaction intermediate, a radioactive chemical or an article


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