Changes to the Registration Structure for 2013-2014


The NICNAS registration structure is changing to accommodate a new lower annual threshold, and new fees and charges, for commercial introducers (manufacturers or importers) of industrial chemicals. Commencing 1 September 2013, NICNAS will have four levels of registration, with a new level for introducers of relevant industrial chemicals with an annual value of less than $100,000.

What is changing?

From 2013-14, the value for the lower threshold associated with NICNAS Registration charges is changing from $500,000 to $100,000. This means the current registrants at the lower tier of registration (under $500,000) will be split into two levels: those introducing relevant industrial chemicals with an annual value of less than $100,000 (Level A) and those introducing an annual value of $100,000 or more (Level B).

There will now be four levels of registration as shown below:

Changes to registration structure 2013-2014



All commercial introducers of industrial chemicals are required to register with NICNAS for each year in which they import or manufacture industrial chemicals and are placed on the Register of Industrial Chemical Introducers as required by the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989.


The registration fee covers the administrative cost of establishing and maintaining the register. A further registration charge (a levy) is imposed on commercial introducers of industrial chemicals above the lower threshold to fund NICNAS activities including compliance, education and awareness initiatives. Registration fees and charges are payable at the time of first entry onto the register of chemical introducers, with renewals due on or before 31 August for each year in which introduction occurs.


Why is the registration being restructured?


The NICNAS Cost Recovery Impact Statement (CRIS) revealed that introducers with lower annual introduction values have been paying registration fees and charges that are disproportionately larger than those applying to higher level introducers. More information on cost recovery arrangements, including full details of the options analysed, can be found on the NICNAS website:



Changing the terminology from numeric ‘tiers’ to alphabetic ‘levels’ was agreed in consultation between industry and government representatives, to ensure registrants carefully consider their introduction values against the new registration thresholds for 2013-14.


How will I be affected?


If you are currently registered at Tier 2 or Tier 3 your threshold does not change. However, please note that you will now be referred to as Level C or Level D registrants respectively.


However, if you are currently registered at Tier 1, you will need to consider whether the value of relevant industrial chemicals introduced is above or below the $100,000 threshold and register at Level A (less than $100,000) or
Level B ($100,000 – $499,999).


What are the fees/charges for 2013-14?

Introduction Value


Total Fee & Charge

$1 - $99 999



$100 000 - $499 999



$500 000 - $4 999 999



$5 000 000 and above


                $18 475


What do I need to do?

If you are currently registered at Tier 1, NICNAS will be using your organisation’s previously declared values of introduced relevant industrial chemicals and import data for 2012-13 to assess your registration level for 2013-14.


If, on receipt of your registration renewal pack in July 2013, you believe your assessed registration level is incorrect, please contact NICNAS immediately to request a revised invoice.


If you are currently registered at Tier 2 or 3, NICNAS will be sending out registration renewal notices, including an invoice, based on your current registration information. As the higher thresholds have not changed, you only need to contact NICNAS if you expect that your level of industrial chemical introduction in 2013-14 will be sufficient to alter your liability for the assessed NICNAS fees and charges.


When will I receive my registration renewal pack?


NICNAS will be posting registration renewal packs to all NICNAS registrants in mid-July 2013. Please contact NICNAS immediately if you do not receive your renewal pack by 22 July 2013. Late penalties will apply to any registration renewal received after 31 August 2013.