≤ 100 kg Cosmetic Exemption

This exemption is available to introducers of new industrial chemicals that are present in cosmetics at a total quantity of not more than 100 kg in a period of 12 months. Introducers using this exemption category must be satisfied that the chemical poses no unreasonable risk to occupational health and safety, public health, or the environment (see the NICNAS Handbook for Notifiers for more information on assessing chemicals for no unreasonable risk)
Chemicals introduced under this exemption must not be used in a cosmetic as a preservative, colouring agent or UV filter. Additionally, chemicals are not eligible for this exemption if they are prohibited or restricted for use as a cosmetic or for use in a cosmetic:


  1. in the European Union under Council Directive 76/768/EEC as amended to 30 December 1997; or

  2. in the United States of America under the Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1938 as amended to 30 December 1997.

Notification requirements

Introducers intending to use this exemption must first notify the Director in writing of the introduction if the quantity exceeds 10 kg by submitting NICNAS Form CE-1:

Notification is not required for quantities up to 10 kg however Form 15 provides a useful risk assessment and record-keeping tool for introducers taking advantage of this exemption. Additionally, NICNAS will enter the relevant information provided in Form CE-1 into the introducers report form to assist in later annual reporting (see Reporting requirements). This offers a streamlining of data entry to industry.


Reporting requirements

Introducers using this exemption category are required to report the following information about the chemical.

Chemical Name The preferred chemical name is the CAS Approved Name, however, other naming conventions will be accepted
CAS Number If available
Quantity The quantity of the chemical introduced in the previous registration year in kilograms. Introducers also have the option of reporting quantities in bands of ≤ 10 kg or 10-100 kg.


Alternatively, for chemicals introduced at a total quantity of 10 kg or less, introducers can opt to provide only the total number of chemicals introduced at this level (i.e. no chemical details).

If NICNAS has received an Advice of Introduction for the Chemical (Form CE-1), the details of the chemical will be pre-loaded into the introducers annual report form. The introducer will then, after logging into the reporting module need only to verify the details and submit the report.