Organisational Chart, Staff Profile, Training and
Development Activities

NICNAS Organisational Chart as at 30 June 2004

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Staff Profile and Training and Development


There were 36 staff employed within NICNAS at 30 June 2004. Of these,
29 are permanent employees and 7 are non-ongoing staff. The staffing
profile at 30 June 2004 by classification and membership of equal
employment opportunity groups (EEO) are shown in the following tables.

NICNAS Staffing Profile at 30 June 2004

The training and development outcomes are reported as total number
of training days and the average number of training days per staff member
is shown in the table on the next page. Training and development activities
covered a broad range, including formal courses, in-house training,
participation in conferences and other representational activities, as well
as technical training activities.



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