Eight consultancies were commissioned by NICNAS during 2003-04.
Details are provided below. Consultancy services are contracted by NICNAS
to ensure the achievement of high quality assessments of chemicals
and more efficient and effective delivery of regulation and related outputs.

The method of selection for each consultancy commissioned by NICNAS
during 2003-04 was by direct engagement. They were chosen
on the basis of pre-eminent expert advice, relevant to science expertise
and direct knowledge of NICNAS organisational development programs
for ongoing development resulting from staff surveys.

Australian Government Solicitors
Consultancy to provide legal advice regarding breach of confidentiality
issues. Total cost - $2,426.

Bruce Rowe & Associates
Consultancy to provide strategic business HR management advice.
Total cost - $688.

Consultancy to provide an assessment on Formaldehyde Air Quality
Methodology. Total cost - $18,040.

Dr Jennifer Stauber
Consultancy to provide a peer review on aspects of an ongoing existing
chemical assessment on sodium cyanide. Total cost - $1,000.00.

Elizabeth Dixon
Consultancy to provide proofing of NICNAS Annual Report 2002-03.
Total cost - $1,320.

SAS Strategic Pty Ltd
Consultancy to provide leadership training services for NICNAS team
leaders. Total cost - $9,628.

TAFE NSW Sydney Institute
Consultancy engaged to provide audit training sessions for NICNAS staff.
Total cost - $5,779.

Talking Heads Communications
Consultancy to produce a video for NICNAS presentation on MAN
at the OECD special consultation on MAN, Brussels, October 2003.
Total cost - $3,144.

Note: All Total costs include GST.




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