Summary of Existing Chemicals Assessment



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Candidate List of Chemicals

NICNAS undertakes a process of consultation with its stakeholders and
the general public on chemicals to be assessed. At any time, anyone may
nominate a chemical for assessment, and from time to time NICNAS calls
for nominations by advertisement in the press. Nominated chemicals
are screened according to published criteria and are either selected for
assessment and placed on the Candidate List, or not selected. A summary
of the results of screening and reasons for not selecting a chemical
are published in the Chemical Gazette.

The Candidate List also includes a Standby Section containing chemicals
with either international assessments currently underway, additional testing
being conducted in other countries or with insufficient data. This list
is reviewed annually against new published literature, chemical databases,
and government/agency Internet sites for new information. As a result,
chemicals are either moved into the main section of the Candidate List
or removed from consideration. In the latter case, a summary of the results
of screening and reasons for non-selection are published in the Chemical
Gazette. From time to time, chemicals are selected from the Candidate List
for assessment, and recommended to the Minister for declaration following
consultation with industry.



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