Partnership Agency Assessment Performance


The DEH provides advice to NICNAS on the environmental implications
of the importation, manufacture and use of new and existing industrial
chemicals. The assessment reports submitted to NICNAS include
an environmental hazard and risk assessment, plus recommendations for
the control measures necessary to minimise adverse environmental effects
that result from the stated use patterns of the chemicals.
A summary of chemical assessment reports completed by DEH during 2003-
04 is shown in the table below.

  The number of completed environmental assessment reports increased
over the previous year, due partly to an altered method of recording,
but also reflecting the increased number of notifications in 2003-04.
There were 211 environmental assessment reports recorded as completed
during the twelve-month period; however, reports are now counted at
the 90-day stage of the assessment rather than at the time of issue of the
assessment certificate. The increase in new chemical notifications adversely
affected the timeliness of environmental assessment reports to NICNAS.
In addition to the preparation of environmental assessment reports, other
consultations on environmental aspects of matters of interest to NICNAS
have also been undertaken during the year. DEH staff attended several
meetings with NICNAS and industry personnel on general policy issues
and NICNAS reforms in New Chemicals.



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