Staff Profile and Training and Development

There were 42 staff employed within NICNAS at 30 June 2005. Of these,
30 are permanent employees and 12 are non-ongoing staff. The staffing
profile at 30 June 2005 by classification and membership of equal
employment opportunity groups (EEO) are shown in the following tables.

NICNAS Staffing Profile at 30 June 2005


Membership of EEO Groups


Comparative summary of Staff Training by Category 2004-05 and 2003-04


* Formal training activities include customer service training, corporate governance
   activities, financial management, policy development, etc.
+The total number of formal days training and the average number of formal training
   days for all staff members includes orientation and induction-related training for new
   staff members.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)
Accident incident reports for year 2004-05

Accidents*      2
OOS**            2

* Both accidents occurred on the way to work.
** Occupational overuse syndrome



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