Performance Measurement Framework

  NICNAS contributes to the safe use of chemicals by providing information
to its stakeholders on the hazards and risks posed by chemicals to workers,
the community and the environment. This information takes the form
of high quality scientific assessments of the risks posed from the import,
manufacture, handling, use, storage and/or disposal of chemicals.
Importantly, NICNAS assessments recommend ways of addressing
these risks.

The key NICNAS output is effective, accessible and reliable scientific
information for other chemical control frameworks, workers, industry and
other interested parties to implement controls as required to ensure the
safe use of chemicals. The Scheme ensures this by also contributing
outputs in the areas of compliance, customer service, community
engagement and education and awareness-raising activities.

Output performance measures as they relate to all Scheme activities are
summarised in Table 4 and are reported against the performance targets
identified in this section of the report.

  Table 4 Summary of Output Performance Measures for the Scheme

Quantity Number of outputs (assessments, compliance
investigations, audits, site visits, guidance notes,
publications, etc) against agreed targets
Quality Number of outputs to appropriate benchmark/target used:

  Effectiveness, eg acceptable to international scientific
    assessment standards and implementation within
    national control framework

Technical Guidance/Compliance/Service/Outreach
  Effectiveness, acceptable standards as defined
    by Service Charter and/or published guidelines
    and/or legislation

Price Cost recovery targets
Contained and/or reduced assessment costs through
utilisation of overseas reports
Contained and/or reduced administrative and other
Scheme costs

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