NICNAS Community Engagement Forum

Standing (L to R): Dr Bro Sheffield-Brotherton (environmental interests), Ms Jane Bremmer (environmental interests), Associate Professor Chris Winder (public health interests), Mr Griffin DCosta (NICNAS Secretariat). Seated (L to R): Mr Bob Graf (NICNAS Team Leader, Reform), Dr Margaret Hartley (Director, NICNAS), Ms Renata Musolino (worker health and safety interests). Inserts: Ms Pamela Grassick (worker health and safety interests) and Dr Liz Hanna (public health interests).

(these photos from the CEF Team brochure)

The establishment of the CEF arose from NICNASs LRCC reform initiative. The LRCC Task Force recognised the advantages to NICNAS in maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the public through the establishment of a formal consultative mechanism and recommended the establishment of a community-based Forum.

The CEF was established to assist the NICNAS office improve public access to chemical safety information and address aspects of the communitys right to know in relation to the control and use of industrial chemicals.

The Parliamentary Secretary appoints members to the CEF and the groups membership, terms of reference and meeting details for 2005-06 are given at Appendix 04.

Priority work for the CEF included improving public access to chemical safety information through the development and implementation of a Community Engagement Charter, a communication strategy targeting the information needs of the public and special interest groups, and assisting NICNAS with advice on improving online services.

The CEF met formally two times in 2005-06 including to discuss the public engagement process for the EC Program Review.

The focus of activities this year was on finalising the Charter, providing input into NICNASs strategic direction for the next three years, developing community stakeholder lists and planning and facilitating the public engagement process and forums for the EC Program Review. Members also participated in a number of LRCC implementation and EC Program Review work groups.