A key objective of NICNASs Registration program is to make every registered introducer of relevant industrial chemicals aware of the full range of their responsibilities under the Act. During 2005-06, 514 registration case files were created from 15,194 businesses contacted by NICNAS on the basis of import transactions data provided by the Australian Customs Service (Customs).

NICNAS continued raising awareness with businesses that introduced relevant industrial chemicals whilst not registered, during 2005-06. This was achieved both through auditing as well as by delivering a training program for industry, across Australia .

Measures such as compliance training approved by the Public Sector Education Training Authority and Advanced Conflict Management have enhanced NICNASs capacity to deliver its compliance function in a consistent and transparent manner.

Further, a number of key internal factors such as the management of the AICS are vital to ensure the ongoing integrity of the Act.

In keeping with NICNASs commitment to innovation, the development of an online industry portal now enables industry to meet legislative obligations to NICNAS on certain chemicals directly via the Internet. As the information provided via the reporting portal is stored directly in the NICNAS corporate database, its use not only reduces the regulatory complexity and hence cost on industry but minimises NICNASs administrative requirements, further reducing costs.