The NICNAS Service Charter defines NICNAS's service standards, outlining the standards of service that the users of the Scheme and the public can expect.

In 2005-06 our first online customer survey was conducted on NICNAS's performance against its service standards.

Four hundred and ten randomly selected organisations were asked to complete an online survey. These organisations were selected based on contact with NICNAS through notification and assessment of new chemicals, review and treaties concerning existing chemicals and Priority Existing Chemicals (PEC), NICNAS Registration, AICS searches, general enquiries and/or compliance activities for the period 1 July 2005 to 31 May 2006. One hundred and fifty three organisations (37 per cent) responded to the survey.

Overall, positive feedback was received indicating a good level of service in a number of key areas:

o 95 per cent of respondents found staff to be helpful and courteous always, or most of the time compared to 88 per cent in 2004-05

o 93 per cent of respondents found their questions and enquiries answered within 28 days compared to 85 per cent in 2004-05

o 91 per cent of respondents found written explanations clear always, or most of the time, the same percentage as in 2004-05

o 89 per cent found that NICNAS provided accurate and consistent information always or most of the time, compared to 85 per cent in 2004-05

o 76 per cent of respondents indicated that they or their business used the NICNAS website. Of these, 91 per cent found the information and instructions as well as the language of the website good to excellent / highly appropriate and 83 per cent found the layout of the website good to excellent, compared to 76 per cent in 2004-05

The NICNAS website was redesigned in response to comments made in our previous customer surveys, and to reflect the latest Internet requirements and trends. The new website went live on 1 July 2005.


The NICNAS website received positive feedback in the Customer Survey with around 90 per cent of respondents finding the website easy to navigate.

1852 chemical assessment reports on individual industrial chemicals are featured on the website. Users can conduct searches on assessment reports by:

All material on the NICNAS website is freely available allowing greater access to chemical safety information by the public, government agencies and industry, which fulfils a key requirement of the Act. In line with Australian Government publishing guidelines, NICNAS maintains copies of printed information material and provides a print-on-demand service from its website. Electronic templates continue to reduce time and costs to small businesses in making applications for assessments.