3-7 July 2005RACI CONNECT 2005 International Conference, Sydney NSW

2 August 2005 Science Forum on gene technology issues, Shine Dome, Canberra , ACT

6-7 October 2005Canadian Industry Coordinating Group (ICG) CEPA Update Conference, Toronto, Canada

11-12 November 2005ACCORD Conference, Gold Coast QLD

3-7 December 2005ASCEPT-APSA Joint Annual Scientific Meeting, Melbourne VIC

14 December 2005Science Forum: Endocrine disruptors a human health problem?, Shine Dome, Canberra ACT

2-3 May 2006 Interpreting and Conforming with the Cyanide Code an international workshop, Perth WA

24 & 27-29 June 2006Stockholm Convention Conference: Cleaning Up Persistent Organic Chemicals under the Convention, Sydney Olympic Park NSW