The integrated information system, Database at NICNAS (D@N), continues to ensure efficiencies within the organisation. The database was built using web-based technology and during 2005-06 was upgraded to meet NICNAS's changing needs. Most notable has been the extension of the database to provide a web-based on line reporting structure for annual reporting requirements (please see Compliance section for details).

No copies of the Handbook for Notifiers were sold in 2005-06 (compared to one in 2004-05 and three the previous year) reflecting the continued trend by customers of using electronic publications. All other NICNAS printed materials are available free-of-charge to industry.

A total of 194 new chemicals reports completed by NICNAS were published in 2005-06 and made available to the public free-of-charge. Ongoing savings to industry are achieved by a focus on electronic publications.

The move to place the Handbook for Notifiers and AICS online has led to savings to industry in the order of $20,000 over the past three years.