14 July 2005Lead Advisory Group, Sydney NSW

21 July 2005 Surface Coatings Association Australia Meeting: Silanes and Siloxanes, Sydney NSW

2 August 2005Science Forum planning meeting, Canberra ACT

5 August 2005 Industry Focus Group, Sydney NSW

18 August 2005Chemicals Standards Sub Committee Teleconference, Sydney NSW

24 August 2005Chemicals Clearing House meeting, Canberra ACT

29 & 31 August, 1, 2 & 3 September 2005Formaldehyde public meetings in Sydney NSW, Melbourne VIC, Brisbane QLD, Adelaide SA & Perth WA

21 September 2005Defence Personnel Executive and Defence Material Organisation, Sydney NSW

9 December 2005ERMA New Zealand delegates, Sydney NSW

9 December 2005ACCORD Regulatory Affairs, Sydney NSW

9 February 2006Regulators sub-group on Nanomaterials

17 February 2006Tier 2 Air Toxics Working Group

24 February 2006NICNAS MOU

24 February 2006NEPC Air Standards Setting Working Group

24 February 2006NHMRC Working Committee for Air Standards Health Advice

1 March 2006 Industry Focus Group, Sydney NSW

17 March 2006National Toxics Network discussion of perfluorinated chemicals, Sydney NSW

29 March 2006Inaugural Meeting of Advisory Group on Chemical Safety, Canberra ACT

30 March 2006OECD Steering Group for Workshop on PFCAs (teleconference), Sydney NSW

30 March 2006National Working Group on Prevention of the Diversion of Precursor Chemicals into Illicit Drug Manufacture Tenth meeting, Canberra ACT

18 May 2006 Interdepartmental Committee on PBFRs, Canberra ACT

26-27 June 2006OASCC (NOHSC) Workshop: Workplace Hazard Exposure Surveillance, Sydney NSW