22 September 2005OECD New Chemicals Task Force Steering Group (teleconference) (Bob Graf)

6-7 October 2005Meetings with Canadian and US industry and government representatives, Toronto, Canada (Bob Graf)

18-20 October 2005OECD SIDS Initial Assessment Meeting (SIAM) 21, Washington, USA (Dr Sneha Satya)

21 October 2005Meeting with US EPA to discuss activities relating to existing chemicals, Washington, USA (Dr Sneha Satya)

7-9 November 2005OECD New Chemicals Task Force workshops, Sydney NSW

10 November 2005Canadian Bilateral Arrangement meeting with Environment Canada and Health Canada, Sydney NSW

29-30 November 2005OASCC Workplace Chemicals Workshop, Melbourne VIC

14 17 February 2006OECD Joint Meeting, Paris, France (Dr Margaret Hartley)

13-17 February 2006Second Meeting of PIC Chemical Review Committee, Geneva, Switzerland (Dr Sneha Satya)

23 24 MarchInternational Programme on Chemical Safety (IPCS) meeting, Bangkok, Thailand (Dr Margaret Hartley)

4-6 April 2006OECD New Chemicals Task Force meetings, London, UK (Bob Graf)

18-21 April 2006OECD SIDS Initial Assessment Meeting (SIAM) 22, Paris, France (Dr Sneha Satya)

21 April 2006OECD Steering Committee for Workshop on Perfluorinated chemicals (teleconference)

30 May 2006OECD Steering Committee for Workshop on perfluorocarboxylic acids (teleconference)