As part of NICNAS’s ongoing commitment to increase awareness of its functions as industrial chemicals regulator – and of the obligations of introducers of industrial chemicals – NICNAS provided free information sessions for registrants in 2005-06 and will continue to do so in future years, ensuring that industry is made aware of changes to legislation and requirements under the Act.

Information sessions covering NICNAS Registration, new chemical notification and record keeping took place in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Dandenong, Melbourne and Brisbane during 2005-06. Neill Buck and Associates Pty Ltd, working in conjunction with NICNAS, presented the training sessions to a total of more than 280 people.

The training sessions were well received with excellent feedback, most attendees finding the sessions extremely worthwhile and informative. The sessions also highlighted registrants’ educational needs for future attention.

Training sessions proved an effective way of informing industry groups about compliance and the regulation of industrial chemicals.

Additionally, and to raise stakeholder awareness on specific issues relating to NICNAS Registration, AICS and new chemical notification processes, staff from NICNAS and DEH conducted training sessions in Melbourne and Sydney (detailed elsewhere in this report).

NICNAS also made outreach visits to two Sydney-based companies during the year, for one-on-one discussions about registrati on. This tailored individual approach was very well received and will continue in the future.