During 2005-06 regular liaison with DEH was maintained regarding their provision of environmental assessment reports, including evaluation for the new self-assessment category and for LRCC implementation.

In addition, a two-day workshop with DEH assessors was held in Sydney in March. Nine members of the Chemical Assessment section of DEH and all members of the Notification and Assessment team participated in the workshop. Four presentations were performed by two members of each team, one was technical and related to aspects of the environmental effects of polyfluorinated alkyl compounds, while the other three focused on the assessment processes specific to each agency.

All presentations were open to, and were attended by, all interested technical and administrative staff at NICNAS. These presentations provided more comprehensive understanding of the processes involved and the challenges encountered during the assessment by NICNAS and DEH. As a result, streamlining of the communication processes between the two agencies will enhance and this will help to further increase the efficiency of the assessment process.

Members of the Chemical Assessment section of DEH and members of the NICNAS Notification and Assessment team participated in a joint workshop in Sydney in March 2006.

As part of the workshop four working groups were established for long term projects that would help enhance assessment outcomes through: better communication of the DEH screening outcome to the notifier; modified assessment report templates; clear and consistent policy on the requirements for variation of data schedule and establishing a new protocol for electronic communication between NICNAS and DEH.

Secure electronic pathways were established and electronic exchange of assessment information with DEH is undergoing.