At 30 June 2006, 45 full-time equivalent (FTE) staff were employed at NICNAS.

Of these, 35 were permanent employees and ten were non-ongoing staff. The staffing profile for NICNAS is shown in Appendix 05. Training and development activities for NICNAS staff are also reported there. A total of 248.5 days of formal training (approximately 5.5 days for each person, compared to 3.9 in 2004-05) were undertaken in the year, including orientation and induction training for new staff.

Compulsory training in awareness of APS values continued for all new staff and is offered to all existing staff. New staff also undertook compulsory customer service training. Additionally, NICNAS conducted ten “in house” seminars during the year.

NICNAS applies the Commonwealth Disability Strategy (CDS) which recognises that the Australian Government has an impact on the lives of people with disabilities through its programs, services and facilities, taking action to assist people with disabilities to access government policies, programs and services. In its Annual Report 2005-06, DoHA reports against a series of performance indicators met by all DoHA divisions in addressing CDS requirements.

Note 1.10 of Appendix 03 (Summary of Financial Reporting Arrangements) contains information concerning Certified Agreements, Australian Workplace Agreements (AWAs) and Performance pay arrangements.