During 2005-06, 20 audits were conducted on self-assessed assessment certificates. The notifiers of these certificates were asked to either submit information supporting the claims made in their self-assessment or have arrangements made to conduct an onsite audit of records. The audits revealed that in 100 per cent of cases, industry held records to support the statements made in the notification. However in two cases minor amendments were required for the assessment report due to a discrepancy in the interpretation of the data; this did not impact on the outcome of the assessment.

In addition, NICNAS inspectors conducted on-site audits of 35 companies that were importers of hazardous chemicals for which they held new chemical permits or certificates. In general, adequate regulatory compliance systems are in place to ensure AICS compliance and track import volumes. Minor issues were discovered and rectified with a small number of companies, mainly arising from a lack of knowledge of secondary notification requirements.