In addition to the significant reform agenda work, NICNAS achieved a strong level of performance against output targets as summarised in Table 1 (below). NICNAS continues to contribute to the public availability of high quality scientific chemicals risk assessments covering 202 new chemicals, 18 existing chemicals, and contributed to 132 international assessments as well as having a further 39 existing chemicals under review during the year.

Compliance efforts saw 14,000 companies audited for NICNAS Registration as well as the roll-out of training and site visits aimed at raising industry awareness of their obligations under the Act. NICNAS completed 17 case investigations, noting over 50 per cent of cases are self reported, reflecting NICNASs cooperative approach to achieving compliance through partnership with the company. Importantly, this year saw a full years operation of the LRCC linked audited self-assessment program, where low concern chemicals are self-assessed against established criteria. The audits confirmed industry compliance.

Growing demand for online information services was again experienced by NICNAS with the revision of the website occurring as a result of customer survey feedback; some 15 million hits and 980 000 visitors were seen this year, a significant increase from last year.

Further evidence of effective engagement and customer service came from annual customer survey (this year conducted on line), which provided positive feedback noting an increased level of client satisfaction on all criteria tested.