The 5341 telephone enquiries received represented a significant increase from previous years (2029 in 2004-05 and 1209 in 2003-04), as did the number of written enquiries: 2394 (880 in 2004-05 and 301 in 2003-04). For full details on public enquiries to NICNAS see Appendix 06.

NICNAS responded to 171 media enquiries during 2005-06 (140 in 2004-05, 154 in 2003-04). Key issues included cosmetics, PBFRs, PFOA/non-stick cookware, nanotechnology and NICNAS Registration.

NICNAS received and responded to 960 (171 in 2004-05) email enquiries to our general email contact .

NICNAS staff were active in awareness raising and information exchange activities such as presentations (28), conferences (8), meetings for progressing international harmonisation activities (15), industry consultations (10), site visits (10) and similar activities. These are detailed at Appendix 18.

NICNAS publications for 2005-06 are detailed at Appendix 19 and include 12 editions of the Chemical Gazette, the NICNAS Service Charter 2005-06 and Promoting safer chemical use: towards better regulation of chemicals in Australia A discussion paper for public engagement on a new model for the NICNAS Existing Chemicals Assessment Program.

A monthly summary of key issues at NICNAS - NICNAS NEWS - was sent with the monthly Chemical Gazette alerts. In addition, NICNAS published a total of 194 new chemical assessments on the web.

NICNAS released two issues (December 2005 and April 2006) of its newsletter, NICNAS matters:

o NICNAS matters 14 (December 2005) featured articles on the cosmetic regulation, self-assessment, compliance site visits and NICNAS achievements over the past 15 years.

o NICNAS matters 15 (April 2006) featured articles on NICNAS Existing Chemicals program review, Parliamentary Secretary meets with industry, nanomaterials and New Chemicals Training workshops.

NICNAS advertisement activity is detailed at Appendix 09. In 2005 -06 it focused on promoting the public engagement forums on the safe use of chemicals.