NICNAS recognises assessments of chemicals conducted by other OECD countries and rebates up to 40 per cent are available when foreign scheme assessment reports ( from either European Union (EU) member states or Canada ) are provided. Most of the reports NICNAS receives are from Canada , due to the Australia-Canada Bilateral Arrangement signed by both countries in 2002. The Arrangement is currently being renewed.

Under the Australia-Canada Bilateral Arrangement, a free Early Introduction Permit (EIP) is also available for PLCs where a validation letter from Canada is provided. Canadian reports for 17 new chemical notifications were received during the year, including four applications for a free EIP and two for a CEC permit. In addition, two applications based on previous assessments in the EU were received. NICNAS recognition of foreign schemes potentially resulted in savings up to $59,000.

Additional savings to industry have resulted from use of low volume and other exemption categories.