Website statistics for 2005-06 are detailed at Appendix 20. There were 759,112 user sessions on the NICNAS website in 2005-06 (compared to 594,614 in 2004-05 and 445,619 in 2003-04), a 28 per cent increase.

Total hits for the year were over 15 million, compared to 10 million in 2004-05 and six million in 2003-04.

Details of the most requested website pages are also shown at Appendix 20.


All NICNAS's timeframe targets for responsiveness to enquiries by telephone (91.7 per cent completed within 24 hours, against a target of 85 per cent, and the remainder within 28 days) and in writing (75.9 per cent finalised within 24 hours and 19.1 per cent in seven days, that is, 95 per cent within seven days, against a target of 85 per cent) were exceeded in 2005-06 (see Appendix 15).

All media enquires were handled within agreed timelines.

All twelve issues of the Chemical Gazette were published within the statutory deadline, which is on the first Tuesday of each month.

All Ministerial and Parliamentary matters were handled within requested deadlines.


NICNAS continued to provide clear and accessible information on its website - - during 2005-06 to assist importers and manufacturers of industrial chemicals in Australia in fulfilling their obligations, as well as the community to engage with NICNAS.

The newsletter, NICNAS matters, is a central element to enhance access to chemical safety information by industry clients, the community, government agencies and the media. Printed copies of the December 2005 and April 2006 issues were distributed to 5000 clients and stakeholders. NICNAS matters was also available on the website.

NICNAS's communication staff maintained an effective media management strategy and provided considerable assistance to media in accessing scientific information on chemical matters. In addition, NICNAS handled specific media enquiries resulting in print and television coverage, as detailed at Appendix 19.