Ninety-six per cent of total non-self assessed certificate assessment reports (162) were provided to notifiers within statutory timeframes, below the agreed target of 100 per cent. Figure 8 provides trend data for timeliness of these reports over three years. All thirteen assessment reports for self-assessed assessment certificate applications were provided to notifiers within statutory timeframes.




Figure 8: Timeliness percentage of timeframes met for STD, LTD & PLC certificates over three years


2004-05 2005-06 2006-07

STD 96 100 90

LTD 98 100 95

PLC 99 100 100


NICNAS and industry each have statutory responsibilities in relation to the publication of assessment reports. Applicants may vary an assessment report and have a 14-day timeframe in which to lodge an application for variation, outlining reasons for change. Fourteen applications for variations of assessment reports were received, of which six were pending at 30 June 2007. All other variations were resolved satisfactorily between NICNAS and the applicant, with no appeals made by notifiers.


Applicants may also provide written consent to publish reports, withdraw the application or simply allow the publication process to proceed. If 28 days have elapsed since NICNAS provided assessment reports to the notifier and no response has been received, NICNAS can publish. Industry performance over time against this timeframe is shown in Figure 9.


Figure 9: Timeliness percentage of companies responding within timeframes (from provision of report to written consent to publish) over three years


Percentage of companies responding

2004-05 2005-06 2006-07

1-14 days* 67 52 41

15-28 days* 18 23 30

> 28 days* or no response 15 25 29


* Calendar days


Approximately 41 per cent of notifiers responded within the 14-day timeframe. A further 30 per cent responded prior to the 28-day publication deadline. Around 29 per cent did not respond to NICNAS, and this either triggered publication to proceed after the 28 days or additional time was sought by the notifier to submit comments.


NICNAS issued 99 per cent of certificates within the seven-day statutory timeframe. Two certificates were issued late.