The review of the Existing Chemicals (EC) Program was finalised during 2006-07, and the Review Steering Committee (RSC) met on two occasions during the year.


The RSC was established to assist the NICNAS office in the review and was an expert group consisting of ten members, including an independent chair (Dr Wafa El-Adhami, Deputy Director, OCS), three community representatives, three industry representatives and three government representatives.


The RSC presented its findings in the report Promoting safer chemical use: towards better regulation of chemicals in Australia Final report and recommendations to the Acting Director, NICNAS in November 2006.


EC Program Review Steering Committee membership and attendance at 2006-07 meetings



RSC 10
21 July 06

RSC 11
18 August 06

Dr Wafa El-Adhami (Chair)

Office of Chemical Safety

Ms Jane Bremmer


Ms Renata Musolino


Prof Chris Winder



Mr Stephen Holland


Mr Geoff MacAlpine


Ms Sylvia Kidziak




Dr Jeff Langley

Government, states and territories

Mr Greg Plummer

Government, DEW

Mr Bob Graf

Government, NICNAS

Mr Stephen Zaluzny (Secretariat)

Government, NICNAS



Dr Margaret Hartley


Director, NICNAS