Compliance with Annual Report Guidelines


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X             Letter of Transmittal

X             Table of Contents

X             Index

X             Glossary

X             Contact Details

X             Director’s Overview

X             Corporate Overview

X             Management and Accountability

X             Financial Performance

X             Resource Tables by Outcomes

X             External Scrutiny

X             Corporate Governance

X             Fraud Measures*                                           

X             Management of Human Resources

X             Statistics on Staffing

X             Certified Agreements and AWAs             

X             Performance Reports

X             Purchasing*                                      

X             Consultants

X             Discretionary Grants

X             Equity Performance

X             Disability Strategy*

X             Occupational Health and Safety

X             Freedom of Information*                           

X             Advertising and Market Research

X             Ecologically Sustainable Development and Environmental Performance


*  See DoHA Annual Report 2006-07 for additional information