1 September 2006

NICNAS and privacy issues – Nick Walton, Privacy Network, Canberra ACT


27 February 2007

Cosmetic Regulation in Australia: an Overview – Hana Hamdan, Rosemary Sager; NICNAS: Compliance Implications including understanding Annual Reporting – Naomi Degabriele, Lewis Norman; Cosmetic Reform Interim Arrangements: A User’s Guide – Sarah Rumble, Julija Filipovska; NICNAS: Preparing for a NICNAS Audit – Naomi Degabriele, Lewis Norman, Cosmetics Regulation Australia, ACCORD seminar, Lidcombe NSW


14 March and 16 March 2007

As above: Melbourne, VIC and Sydney, NSW


30 and 31 May 2007

An introduction to NICNAS – Lewis Norman, Venky Krishnamurthy, Justin Roberts, Sarah Rumble, Nick Walton, Melbourne VIC


1 & 4, 8, 12 and 14 June 2007

As above: Sydney NSW; Brisbane QLD; Perth WA; Adelaide SA