In 2006-07 industry advised us of 300 chemicals being introduced under the less-than-100 kg cosmetic exemption and 48 chemicals being introduced under the less-than-100 kg non-cosmetic exemption.


Under LRCC reforms in 2004, the exemption threshold was increased from 10 kg per annum to 100 kg per annum. Introducers are not required to provide prior advice to NICNAS of new chemicals being introduced in cosmetics at no more than one per cent in formulation or at a total quantity of no more than 10 kg each year. However, prior notice of introduction is required for chemicals in cosmetic products introduced at between 10 kg and 100 kg each year. All exemptions require that the chemical meet certain safeguards to ensure that there is no unreasonable risk to consumers, workers or the environment.


All such exempt chemicals must be reported annually so we can collect statistics on the number and types of chemicals entering Australia under this section of the Act.