Appointed by the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Health and Ageing, the IGCC oversees the efficient and effective utilisation of NICNAS resources and the Scheme’s operational performance. IGCC membership, terms of reference and meeting details for 2006-07 are at Appendix 15.


The IGCC met twice during 2006-07 with the focus of activities on governance and the implementation of key reform initiatives, detailed under Reform. The Committee also considered the level of NICNAS fees and charges for 2007-08 and endorsed the NICNAS Operational Plan 2007-08 and NICNAS 2007-08 Budget (including overseas travel).



IGCC members, 16 May 2007

Standing (L to R): Mr Nick Miller (NICNAS Secretariat), Mr Shane Baker (DITR), Dr Barry Reville (DEW), Mr Peter Haynes (DEWR), Mr Geoff MacAlpine (ACCORD)

Seated (L to R): Ms Bronwyn Capanna (ACCORD), Mr Michael Catchpole (PACIA), Dr Marion Healy (Chair – Director, NICNAS), Mr Michael Hambrook (APMF), Mr Stephen Holland (PACIA)

Absent: Ms Margaret Donnan (PACIA observer), Dr David Graham (TGA), Dr Margaret Hartley (Director, Office of Chemical Safety), Ms Sylvia Kidziak AM (ACCI), Mr Drew Wagner (DEWR)


The IGCC held a joint discussion with the NICNAS CEF prior to the meeting of 16 May 2007, with a focus on the EC Program Review implementation and NICNAS Nanotechnology Advisory Group. IGCC members also evaluated the efficiency and performance of the IGCC process and feedback indicated that their meetings were effective and productive, with the Terms of Reference well met.