01     Abstract from NICNAS Financial Statements 2006-07


02     Partnership agency assessment performance


03     Compliance with Department of Health and Ageing regulatory requirements


04     Types and categories of NICNAS assessments


05     New Chemicals notification and assessment activity


06     Existing Chemicals assessment activity


07     Presentations, conferences, harmonisation and international meetings and site visits undertaken by NICNAS


08     Confidential listing of chemicals on the Australian Inventory of Chemical Substances


09     Chemicals that had agreed international assessments


10     Report statistics or advice on national policies and controls for chemicals


11     Enquiries


12     NICNAS new and revised publications and media coverage


13     Media advertising organisations engaged by NICNAS


14     NICNAS website usage


15     External accountability arrangements


16     Progress report on implementation of Low Regulatory Concern Chemicals reform recommendations


17     Compliance with mandatory reporting requirements under the Act


18     Consultancies commissioned by NICNAS


19     Ecologically sustainable development


20     Staff profile, training and development activities