The cosmetics reforms and the furthering of bilateral arrangements with Canada were the major LRCC reform achievements of 2006-07. Additional proposals for implementation of outstanding LRCC reforms included:

         development of low hazardous criteria to enable introduction of safer chemicals under the LVC permit, including specific criteria for polymers

         development of low risk criteria to enable introduction of highly-controlled chemicals under a new controlled use permit

         development of criteria for suitable analogues to enable introduction of the modular assessment option for new chemicals similar to those previously assessed by NICNAS, and

         extension of the EIP permit to chemicals that meet the low hazardous criteria and/or low risk criteria, thus enabling industry to reduce time-to-market for safer chemicals.


The proposals were published in a suite of discussion papers after consultation with key industry, government and the community stakeholders. Thirteen written submissions received expressed overall support for the reforms, as they enable industry to introduce safer chemicals at lower cost and reduced time-to-market while safeguarding the health of the Australian people and the environment. The LRCC scorecard is available at Appendix 16.