NICNAS’s business focus for 2007-08 – building a more responsive regulatory scheme – will be achieved through:


Continuing the Reform agenda

·         implementing EC Program Review recommendations and the findings of reviews of disinfectant regulation

·         contributing to government regulation reviews including the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) review and Productivity Commission study


Existing chemicals assessment

·         finalising assessments and recommendations for lead compounds and public consultation on assessments for triclosan and sodium cyanide


International harmonisation

·         strengthening bilateral relationships including additional work on the Canadian bilateral arrangement for existing chemicals


Stakeholder engagement

·         initiating and managing consultative advisory groups on both Cosmetics and Nanotechnology


Streamlining processes

·         introducing formal recognition of Canadian new chemicals assessments, implementing the Cosmetics reforms and improving our IT system for tracking assessment activities


Strengthening compliance

·         exploring improvements to NICNAS’s legislative framework (eg. the penalty infringement framework).