NICNAS publications for 2006-07 are detailed at Appendix 12 and include 12 editions of the Chemical Gazette, the NICNAS Service Charter 2006-07 and Promoting safer chemical use: towards better regulation of chemicals in Australia Final report and recommendations December 2006.


In addition, NICNAS Information Sheets (including Nanomaterials, Summary of call for information on Nanomaterials, MMA in cosmetic nail preparations and Interim public health risk assessment report on certain PBDE congeners contained in commercial preparations of Pentabromodiphenyl ether and Octabromodiphenyl ether) and NICNAS Alerts covering seven chemicals/classes of chemicals of concern (including PFOA and PFCA, PFOS and PFAS and Diethylene Glycol in toothpaste) were produced.


NICNAS commenced its (electronic) eNewsletter and published eight editions. In addition, NICNAS published a total of 180 new chemical assessments on the web. One issue of NICNAS matters, released in January 2007, featured articles on cosmetics, the EC Program Review, NICNAS Registration and the Service Charter Survey.


NICNAS advertisement activity is detailed at Appendix 13.