The MOU Group continued as a forum for information exchange between relevant Australian Government, state and territory government agencies.


In 2006-07 the MOU representatives advised NICNAS of the progress towards the consolidation of OHS legislation at the state level and compliance activities. Similarly, the representatives were informed of progress towards the implementation of the existing chemicals review, LRCC and cosmetic reforms.



States and Territories MOU Group members, 23 February 2007

Standing (L to R): Dr Jeff Langley (WA), Mr Errol Conroy (QLD), Mr Lewis Norman (NICNAS Secretariat), Mr Bill Brodie (ACT), Mr Ian Graham, (Tas), Mr Greg Plummer (DEW), Mr Ross Bootes (Victoria)

Seated (L to R): Ms Raphaela Jarvis (alternative for Mr Peter Haynes, DEWR), Dr Usha St George (NSW), Dr Roshini Jayewardene (Acting Director, NICNAS), Dr Joe Crea (SA).

Absent: Dr Wafa El-Adhami (Deputy Director, OCS), NT representative (currently vacant)


The MOU group worked together to refer issues to the Heads of Workers Compensation Authorities (Australia and New Zealand) for consideration. Progress towards the establishment of guidelines for the exchange of confidential information between NICNAS and the states and territories continued during 2006-07.


Terms of reference of the NICNAS States and Territories MOU group and membership details can be found in Appendix 15.