NICNAS complies with DoHA requirements by submitting its Regulatory Plan each year. The 2007-08 Regulatory Plan covers regulatory activities undertaken in 2006-07 and planning projections for 2007-08.

The DoHA regulatory plan deals with changes within the Departments area of responsibility and contains information about:

The regulatory plan covers business regulation. This includes primary legislation, subordinate legislation, quasi-regulation or treaties that directly affect business, have a significant indirect effect on business, or restrict competition.

Quasi-regulation refers to rules or arrangements where governments influence businesses to comply, but which do not form part of explicit government regulation.

A regulatory plan does not include information about:

In addition, there may be regulatory activities that have not been included in the regulatory plan because they could not be foreseen when the plan was prepared at the start of the financial year.

In view of these exclusions, users should not take a regulatory plan to be a comprehensive source of information on past or potential changes to business regulation.