A1 Community Engagement Forum (CEF)

Terms of Reference and Membership

The Terms of Reference for the CEF ensure that it will provide advice on:

The CEF consists of seven members and is chaired by the Director of NICNAS. Membership comprises of the:

Nominations for membership were sought from peak national bodies recognised by DoHA as representing the interests of public health, environmental standards and worker health and safety.

Members were chosen for their expertise in the following areas:

While members have been nominated by specific organisations, they represent broad community interests in their respective area and not simply the interests of their nominating or originating organisations. The Parliamentary Secretary appoints members for a two-year term.

Priority work for the CEF includes improving public access to chemical safety information through the implementation of a Community Engagement Charter, a communication strategy targeting the information needs of specific groups and assisting NICNAS with advice and improving online services.

The CEF met a total of five times in 2006-07, with three face-to-face meetings and two teleconferences. The 2 nd Meeting on 27 March 2006 was held to discuss the public engagement process for the Existing Chemical Assessment Program Review.