6 July 2006

Panel Discussion: Nanotechnology Safety and Environmental Issues Deborah Willcocks, International Conference on Nanotechnology and Nanoscience, Brisbane QLD

17 & 18 July 2006

Nanomaterials: Technical Issues and Role of OECD Deborah Willcocks, Nanotechnology International Workshop on Regulatory Challenges, Melbourne VIC

7 October 2006

The Make-Up of Cosmetic Regulations: The Role of the Pharmacist Roshini Jayewardene, 12 th Pharmacy Australia Congress, Cairns QLD

24 October 2006

Triclosan : the potential for bioaccumulation, to cause harm to breast-fed babies and methodology for risk characterization Sneha Satya; Beryllium and beryllium compounds Helen Ritchie, Advisory Group on Chemical Safety, Canberra ACT

31 October 1 November 2006

NICNAS and the Laboratory Bob Graf, Laboratory Managers Conference 2006, Science Industry Australia, Melbourne VIC

10 November 2006

Overview of Nanomaterials: Regulatory Activities Deborah Willcocks, ACCORD industry meeting, Sydney NSW

11 December 2006

NICNAS Overview of Nanomaterials, International Activities on Nanomaterials Deborah Willcocks, National Health and Medical Research Council Nanotechnology Roundtable, Canberra ACT

6 February 2007

Outcomes of the International Workshop on Skin Sensitisation in Chemical Risk Assessment Paul Harvey; PentaBDE Hazard Classification and LOAEL Identification Kerry Nugent, Advisory Group on Chemical Safety, Canberra ACT

27 February 2007Current NICNAS Reform Activities Bob Graf, PACIA NSW Regulatory Affairs seminar, Sydney NSW

2 March 2007

Lead Compounds in Industrial Surface Coatings and Inks International Stephen Zaluzny, International Paint and Inks Conference, Sydney NSW

10 May 2007NICNAS Review of Existing Chemicals Program Bob Graf, with Liz Hanna, CEF, HAZMAT 2007, Sydney NSW

23 May 2007

Cosmetic Regulation in Australia Hana Hamdan, Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists Meeting, Sydney NSW

24 May 2007

NICNAS: New directions and perspectives Marian Healy, ACCORD Briefing and AGM, Melbourne VIC

5 June 2007

Decabromodiphenyl ether ( decaBDE): Hazard assessment Carcinogenicity study interpretation Kerry Nugent, Advisory Group on Chemical Safety, Canberra ACT