The NICNAS website received positive feedback in the Customer Survey.

The website features 2037 chemical assessment reports. Users can conduct searches on assessment reports by chemical name, trade name, CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) number, hazardous status, and OECD industry use category.

All material on the NICNAS website is freely available, allowing greater access to chemical safety information by the public, government agencies and industry, which fulfils a key requirement of the Act. In line with Australian Government publishing guidelines, NICNAS maintains copies of printed information and provides a print-on-demand service from its website. Electronic templates continue to reduce time and costs to small businesses in making applications for assessments.

No copies of the Handbook for Notifiers were sold in 2006-07 (as in 2005-06 and compared to one in 2004-05 and three the previous year) reflecting the continued trend towards using electronic publications. All other NICNAS printed materials are available free-of-charge to industry.

A total of 180 new chemicals reports completed by NICNAS were published in 2006-07 and made available to the public free-of-charge. Ongoing savings to industry are achieved by a focus on electronic publications.