Some low regulatory concern chemicals are exempt from notification to NICNAS even if they are new industrial chemicals. Chemicals suitable to be introduced under an exemption are as follows:

Research, Development or Analytical (RD&A) purposes

RD&A chemicals that are imported or manufactured in volumes not more than 100 kg/year do not require notification but are subject to annual reporting obligations. At higher volumes, the same provisions apply as for other new chemicals and polymers. An exception applies in certain specific cases where an RD&A chemical is manufactured in Australia in situations where smaller volumes cannot be manufactured, for example, limitations on the size of equipment available for manufacture. In these cases, information must be provided to NICNAS on the type and location of the apparatus (a fixture), the program of work, type of chemical and procedures for safe disposal of the chemical and any hazardous degradation products.

Low volume/other exemptions

New industrial chemicals are exempt from notification if introduced:

Note: Introducers under these exemption categories, self-assessment, and certain permits must keep in writing, for 5 years after the introduction, all information available to the person about occupational health and safety, public health matters and the environmental effects of the chemical. In addition, introducers of chemicals in this category should complete an annual report form and return it to NICNAS before or on 28 September of the following registration year.