In 2006-07, we commenced 23 new assessments, bringing to 81 the total number of chemicals under assessment. Sixty assessments were completed. Importantly, 2006-07 saw marked progress on major reviews of Formaldehyde, Flame retardants, Lead and Phthalates.

Formaldehyde A full risk assessment of the priority existing chemical (PEC) formaldehyde was completed. NICNAS had completed the draft Formaldehyde report in September 2005 but in December 2005, three parties appealed in the Administration Appeals Tribunal (AAT) decisions by the Director (on requests to vary the draft report). This resulted in publication of the final report being withheld.

Following discussion with the appellants by NICNAS, the appeals were withdrawn prior to the hearing, leading to dismissal of the appeals by the AAT on 31 October 2006. The final report was subsequently published in December 2006.