19 July 2007 ‘Overview of NICNAS obligations’ – Surface Coatings Association of Australia. NSW Section Technical meeting.


3 August 2007 ‘Assessment of Lead in Industrial Surface Coatings and Inks’ and ‘Nanomaterials/ Nanotechnology Australian Policy and NICNAS Activities’ –Joint Surface Coatings Association Australia/Australian Paint Manufacturers’ Conference, Gold Coast QLD


25 October 2007 'Internationalisation of regulation: bilateral and multilateral developments' - ACCORD conference, Gold Coast QLD


3 September 2007 ‘Update on OECD Nanotechnology activities’ – First meeting of National Health and Medical Research Council Advisory Group on Health and Nanotechnology, Canberra ACT


5 December 2007 ‘The Challenges of regulating an emerging technology: nanotechnology’ –South East Asian Western Pacific Pharmacology/Australian Society of Clinical and Experimental Pharmacologists and Toxicologists, Adelaide SA


27 February 2008 ‘NICNAS and the Regulation of Industrial Nanomaterials’ – Second International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICONN 2008), Melbourne VIC


7 March 2008 'Cosmetics regulatory reform: 2007-08 and beyond' - Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists conference, Gold Coast QLD


12 March 2008 ‘Industrial nanomaterials’ – NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change. Sydney NSW


15 May 2008 'NICNAS: Current review and reform activities' - HAZMAT conference, Melbourne VIC


17 June 2008 'NICNAS: future regulation' - PACIA national conference, Melbourne VIC