This appendix details new chemical submissions (total and assessment category) received and completed for 2007-08 (by quarter and total). It compares them to 2006-07 and 2005-06 figures.


Data include performance against statutory timeframes.



Key to categories: STD: Standard, LTD: Limited, PLC: Polymer of Low Concern, SAPLC: Self-Assessment for Polymer of Low Concern notification, SANHP: Se lf-Assessment for Non-Hazardous Polymer notification, SANHC: Self-Assessment for Non-Hazardous Chemical
notification, EXT: Extension of Assessment Certificate, EOP: Export Only Permit, CEC: Commercial Evaluation Category, CECR: Commercial Evaluation Category Renewal, LVC: Low Volume Chemical, LVCR: Low Volume Chemical Permit Renewal, EIP: Early Introduction Permit, SN: Secondary Notification