July 2007 Meeting on bilateral and harmonisation issues with Director-General of Environment Canada following the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Chemical Dialogue Steering Group meeting Cairns, QLD


August 2007 Teleconference with Canada re recognition as a foreign scheme


August 2007 Australia-Canada chemical dialogue meeting with Canadian Minister for Health, Australian Technology Park, Sydney NSW (guests from government and industry)


August 2007 Health Canada meeting to explore opportunities for cooperation on existing chemicals and formulate a joint work plan, Sydney NSW


August 2007 Environmental Risk Management Authority New Zealand meeting to explore opportunities for cooperation and discuss progress on 5-year work plan under Trans Tasman Mutual Recognition Arrangement, Sydney NSW


August 2007-May 2008 OECD Work Item A MAN Parallel process (10 teleconferences)


October 2007-May 2008 OECD Work Item B analysis of polymer data (nine teleconferences)


October 2007 OECD SIAM 25, Helsinki, Finland


October 2007 Director for Regulatory Operations and Director for Co-operation, at the European Chemicals Agency, Helsinki, Finland


October 2007 16th OECD Existing Chemicals Task Force Meeting, Helsinki, Finland


October 2007 Health Canada and Environment Canada re implementation of Recognition of Canada as a Foreign Scheme (teleconference)


November 2007 US EPA, with a view to renewing the US-Australia bilateral arrangement and working cooperatively on international industrial chemicals matters, Sydney NSW


November 2007 World Health Organisation, International Program on Chemical Safety, Geneva, Switzerland


November 2007 3rd meeting of the OECD Working Party on Manufactured nanomaterials. Paris, France


December 2007 Joint NICNAS/US EPA workshop on new chemicals, Manila, Philippines


December 2007 OECD Polymer Expert Group (teleconference)


February 2008 OECD Joint meeting of the Chemicals Committee and the Working Party of Chemicals, Pesticides and Biotechnology, Paris France


March 2008 Health Canada and Environment Canada (teleconferences)


March 2008 US EPA, Defence for the Environment Program, Sydney NSW


March and May 2008 OECD Steering Group on perfluorinated chemicals (teleconferences)


April 2008 Workshop on OECD Quantitative Structure-Activity Application Toolbox, Paris, France


April 2008 26th SIDS Initial Assessment Meeting (SIAM 26), Paris, France


April 2008 Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Tokyo, Japan


April 2008 International Symposium on the Risk Assessment of manufactured nanomaterials, Tokyo, Japan


April 2008 OECD Workshop on Sponsorship Program for Testing of manufactured nanomaterials, Tokyo, Japan


June 2008 4th meeting of the OECD Working Party on manufactured nanomaterials, Paris, France


June 2008 United Kingdom Health and Safety Executive, Bootle, UK


June 2008 New Chemicals Task Forces A and B meetings and meeting on parallel process for alternatives to perfluorinated chemicals, San Diego USA


June 2008 Environmental Defense Fund, the American Chemistry Council; with US Personal Products Care Council, Washington DC USA


June 2008 US EPA, Washington DC USA


June 2008 Bilateral and trilateral meetings with Health Canada, Environment Canada and the US EPA, Ottawa, Canada and Washington USA


June 2008 Canadian Industry and NGOS Meeting, Ottawa, Canada